Monday, September 14, 2015

Reverse Dieting: Week Two

Well there goes another week haha. Week two is done and went a little better than the first.

So after the complete cheat day at the wedding, I got right back on track starting Monday. We decided to keep my macros the same because of the fluctuation back on the rise. Keeping your macros the same allows your body to readjust and try to achieve homeostasis. My body did pretty well keeping around the same weight. The week went well with macro hitting everyday. Of course still dreading having the two rest days in a row (stupid work) but that might be changing, well see. However, yesterday (Sunday), thought I hit my numbers perfectly and I was laying in bed checking again to make sure I ate everything and I notice SHITTTT! The coolwhip I had I was only suppose to have a total of 8tbsp, well Im stupid and when I weighed it out I was like ok 9g x 8; however, the 9g is for 2tbsp which is one serving! So technically I went over my macros :( AH! I know it happens but I literally hit everyday pretty close to perfect and I was like yes a week where I can accurately see what is happening and can evaluate my macros tomorrow, but nooo the serving size had to be 2tbsp not 1tbsp, come on now. So yesterday I ended up going 4g over in fat and 8g over in carbs..ugh.

Even though I had this failure of a day, and today my weight was up (Im kind of thinking its cause I'm pretty sore from a heavy leg day) I'm still going to up my macros. 5g in carbs and 1g in fat.

9/8 Tuesday +1.2lbs
9/9 Wednesday -2.8lbs
9/10 Thursday -0.6lbs
9/11 Friday +1.2lbs
9/12 Saturday -0.2
9/13 Sunday -0.8lbs
9/14 Monday +2.2lbs

Total for the week -1.0lbs

Goal again for the week: hit macros/no cheats/monitor serving sizes more carefully

Hope this helps,

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