Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Reverse Dieting: Week One

Well, week one of my reverse is done and gone.

The first three days it was going awesome! Hitting my macros and dropping weight even with more food; however, I have to take two rest days in a row because of work, which let me tell you SUCKS! So I figured ok my weight will probably go up a little bit which it did. Then was able to workout on both days of the weekend and weight dropped down a little bit. On Sunday I got invited to a wedding, in my head I was going to still try to count or just eat before I went, that was an epic failure. We (boyfriend and I) got to the wedding and there was food and of course goodies, so I told myself ok I wont count macros today but my goal is to not binge on all the goodies. The dinner went well, ate my food, picked halfway decent choices and enjoyed. But then I pasted the goodie table filled with candy and cookies! And my brain was like GOOO haha, so of course I ate like 7 cookies and some candy. Thankfully I pulled it together and stopped. Did I feel guilty? Yes. Did I binge as bad as I have before? No. Will it ruin my progress? Probably not and I need to keep reminding myself that. One bad day is not going to ruin everything. I did end up gaining a little after that day but I know give it about two days and I should be back to normal. Therefore, the next day (Monday) I got up, did my workout and hit my macros perfectly. Praying that when I weigh in the morning I will be down or even back to normal weight. I guess we will wait and see.

I am really enjoying eating more food though. Ive also come to the conclusion that it is going to get cooler outside soon, which means pants and long sleeves so will people really notice if I put on a few pounds while trying to repair my metabolism...no. Therefore, I am more ok with gaining a little because I know in the end my cuts will go better and faster along with being able to lean out on more food.

Week One
8/31 Monday: day one of reverse
9/1 Tuesday: -0.4lbs
9/2 Wednesday: -0.4lbs
9/3 Thursday: -1.2lbs
9/4 Friday: +0.8lbs
9/5 Saturday: +1.4lbs
9/6 Sunday: -0.8lbs
9/7 Monday: + 1.6lbs-wedding was yesterday

since day one: +1.8lbs total

Goal for this week: Hit macros/no cheats

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